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The first poem entitled Roses Sitting On Death Row was the first one written for the new book Lusory Lore Of Lautitious Lachrymose.

An excerpt from the Loquacious Lair Of Poetry blog containing the poem is added directly below.


He contemplated not their pain
aware that no more they could grow.
Cut down their life could not remain.
No roots to feed on earth below.

Life that the garden did sustain
will quickly vanish from the rose.
Glass vase that holds can not retain
the life force of the one he chose.

Once proud they glistened in the rain.
Chopped down they sit and wait to go.
No more can nourishment sustain
the flowers waiting on death row.

It will not feel the warmth again
of golden sun that it once knew.
When picked the life began to drain
of roses he will give to you.

It can for short time splendor feign
pretending to be something new
Their radiance will quickly wane
Red roses sitting on death row.